Common Bite Problems


Crowding is when there is inadequate space for all permanent teeth.

Deep Overbite
Deep Overbite

A deep overbite is when there is excessive vertical overlap of the front teeth (ie. upper teeth cover too much of the lower teeth).

High Canines

High canines are canine teeth (the teeth in the third position from the midline) that are too high in your mouth. This patient also has an underbite.

maxillary protrusion
Maxillary Protrusion

Maxillary Protrusion is when the upper front teeth stick out too far (ie. buck teeth).

midline asymmetry
Midline Asymmetry

Midline Asymmetry is when the centerline of the top and bottom front teeth don't line up.

open bite
Open Bite

An Open Bite is when the teeth do not close or come together in the front of your mouth.

peg lateral
Peg Lateral

A peg lateral is an abnormally small (ie. peg-shaped) lateral incisor tooth (the tooth in the second position from the midline). 

posterior crossbite
Posterior Crossbite

In the back of the mouth, the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth.


Spacing is when there is excess space between your teeth.


An underbite is when your upper front teeth fit inside your lower front teeth.

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